Good man must join military Good man must join military, unless he like MouJerDong, me or my sweetheart Jone Lee who cannot be bent to "Yan.Chain.Duh.FACT", Had my sweetheart JoneLee like me knowing no artist, he may have bad been your best leader. The reason good man must join military, because the evildoers won't ever tolerate good better best, therefore, go 永慶房屋od man must work together to protect all good better best to survive, otherwise, one by one, ten by ten, hundred by hundred, your nation cannot have any mankind be left out. Woman is second to man, must not occupy any public official place, no matter what, no exception. Therefor 酒店兼職e, even I may have better view than MouJerDong or Chiang Kai-Shake, I can only offer opinion. I think My sweetheart JoneLee was fooled by your enemy within to trapped into ARt field therefore, the evil doers can use him as tool to make money, the same time taking away his strength to become the best 房屋買賣leader of any groups, because artist "Jean.In(k)" made him compromise self to shoe any one's footage, lose "Gou(r).Goo(d).Dyew". This is why you better not encourage anyone to learn art. Because your best leaders pool may be washed away inside there. Every man and woman must die sooner or later, starve to die is t 關鍵字行銷he best way for humanbeing's end, "Aun(t).Lu(ck).S" sounding good but most likely lose the chance to come back to have a stand. That's because even wild wild animals must have the guts to meet the deadly end, mankind must not be allowed to be weaker than any animals. To make sure the evil doers won’t have any chance like JungShiau Li 吳哥窟n to get into your military to chain, you must keep in mind all the time that you military MUST always use volunteer, do not like Taiwan to use government force to demand all good look figures to fill the hole. And you military must always demanding the power of honesty, anyone lied must be killed or jailed LIFETIME isolated at least like I am living now. You militar 租房子y must always Fair and Balance, so that won’t risk any chance to collapse, therefore, no matter his name, his population, must be promoted by the power of honesty, no exception. His name, race, background must not become an aid or a ceiling to his ranking place. To win the evil doers, good better best man and woman MUST rely on God’s bless, therefore, you must respect God’s order tha 吳哥窟t woman is second to man, woman must not be allowed to occupy any public official place, no exception, no matter what. Military members must be absolute honest, therefore, they can only be demand to speak in front of his own military Court, no exception. Stupid bad ugly evil US Senators must know they are not the Court, they have no right to force any one to speak on their floor, they have all their right t 烤肉食材o ask question, the one be asked have all their right to keep lips tight. How stupid bad ugly evil those US Senators have been? just see how they spared Bill Clinton's sucks and lies and how they seeing God's please like nothing to tolerate how many stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals occupying their own place. Yes, stupid bad ugly evil US Senators are not Court, this may explain how come The Highest Court had been pres 21世紀房屋仲介ented in front of them when BillClinton was impeached in their place. You don't please God, you cannot have wisdom from God; you don't please God, you don't deserve God's bless when you fight the war. This may explain how come MouJerDong could not stand alone like Saddam had showed his greatness at the end.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 西服  .
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